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PGS DC Ground Detection and Location Equipment

PGS DC Ground Detection and Location Equipment


PGS DC Ground Detection and Location Equipment

For those stations that just want to find a sustained ground fault, the PGS DC Ground Fault Detection and Location System is designed to be one of the most innovative, advanced, machines in the world and yet be the simplest system to operate. It is designed to be a “low cost” alternative for stations that may not require some of the advanced digital features found with the ZX3 such as Intermittent Ground Fault Detection/Location or Data Logging options. The PGS contains unique ground locating methods that can assist with distinguishing between a true resistive ground fault and a false capacitive ground fault to provide the best location outcome.

PGS simply stands for : “P” for Portable, “G” for Ground and “S” for Search system.


  • The PGS can find faults that are on the positive rail, the negative rail, on both rails simultaneously, in a field device, or battery bank, regardless of whether they are high resistance, low resistance or in a capacitive environment.
  • Designed with AE patented 21st century technology.
  • The PGS has three (3) Operational modes built into one analog machine:
  • A OFF Mode that powers down the Unit in order to allow a new Detection / Location Operation to be performed.
  • A DETECTION Mode where voltage on each rail, the fault resistance and the system capacitance are calculated and displayed.
  • A LOCATE Mode that can find faults in a typical 135 Vdc low capacitive (≤ 2 µF) system that are from 0 Ω to >100 kΩ very quickly and accurately. A method is provided that can find faults in a typical 135 Vdc low to high capacitive (≤ 50 µF) system that are from 0 Ω to >100 kΩ  quickly and with extreme precision.
  • The PGS provides the operator with all pertinent information related to the system and fault conditions, as well as provides the operator with warning and PGS status messages. 
  • The PGS works on ungrounded systems (generally station battery systems) from 24 to 250 volts.
  • The PGS is confined between rubber side grips and hangs by a magnetic strap at eye level from metal clad switchgear.
  • The PGS assists in NERC PRC-002-6 compliance whereby the Station Battery and DC Power System must be inspected for inadvertent grounds every four months and aids to overall Nuclear Safety Risk reduction.


For more info, pricing, onsite demo or training, contact AE at 800-307-0315 or

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