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Allied Edison ZX3 Ground Detector and Locator Eqiupment

​ZX3 Ungrounded DC System Fault Detection and Location Equipment


The ZX3 DC DC Ground Detection and Location equipment combines analog with digital technology, yielding the most innovative, advanced, ground detection and location machine in the world!


The ZX3 can find grounds that are on the positive rail, the negative rail, on both rails simultaneously, in a field device, battery bank or solar array/string, regardless if they are high resistance or low resistance or in a capacitive environment. It also can provide more information about the ground than any other equipment, providing maximum analyzing capabilities.


Three location modes built into one machine, which allows ZX3 to find grounds under any condition:

  • Fast locate mode that can be used to find grounds in low capacitive environments. In these conditions, grounds can be located very quickly and accurately.

  • A Precise Locate mode that can be used to find grounds in low to high capacitive environments with extreme precision.

  • An Intermittent Locate mode, which can find an intermittent or cycling ground.


Two additional modes:

  • Detect/Analyze mode where resistances values electrical parameters are calculated and displayed.

  • Self Test mode, determines any abnormalities in operating the equipment


The ZX3 supports Data Logging onto a USB flash drive for remote viewing of the ground for an extended period of time.


Works on ungrounded systems from 24 to 600 volts, including Solar Generation.


The ZX3 has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories for emissions, immunity, safety and health compliance and complies with all standards set forth by CE regulations. The ZX3 assists in NERC PRC-002-6 compliance, whereby the Station Battery and DC power System must be inspected for inadvertent grounds every four months and aids to overall Nuclear Safety Risk reduction.


Buyers become a member of the Allied Edison Users Group for ground trouble shooting.


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