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Phoenix, AZ - (Market Wire)- Allied Edison announces its new product the LDL-1100 Live-Dead-Live Verifier - May 18, 2014

    The meter verifiers are a one of a kind electronic device that will enhance safety and efficiency as well as improve overall power plant reliability. The management team at AE began by saying, “The meter verifiers are prime examples of the innovation that AE brings to the table. There are a myriad of problems that arise when technicians utilize running power plant equipment to perform meter verifications. Increased possibilities of shock and electrocutions, damaging equipment and/or shutting down the entire plant are always very real and present dangers. Up until now, technicians lived with these dangers, and since an error working with electrical equipment often means the loss of life we adapted the saying, “Don’t Be Caught Dead Without One” as the slogan for the LDL meter verifiers.”

    Before working on a piece of electrical equipment technicians must verify that the circuit is de-energized. The accepted method documented by almost every regulating body including OSHA and the NFPA is to perform a “Live-Dead-Live” test. This test requires that the meter used to test the circuit be verified as working properly with a known live voltage source (Live). Then using the meter to test the circuit that is going to be worked on to ensure it is in fact de-energized (Dead). Then once again verifying that the meter is working properly on a known live voltage source (Live). Until now technicians either did not perform this needed safety test or wasted countless hours finding the required voltage sources.

    The small portable LDL meter verifiers enables technicians to safely and quickly perform the Live-Dead-Live – also known as “Zero Voltage Check or Absence of Voltage Test (more common name is LDL) – test at the worksite.

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