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Allied Edison invented and holds the patent for Live Dead Live verifiers, which are safely being used throughout the United States and other countries. There are “Copy Cats” units that have recently arrived on the market that do not satisfy the OSHA definition for the “Level of Perception” at 1 – 5mA and can put your workers in danger. One such “Copy Cat” unit for example can provide an output as much as 80ma. The companies selling these may be cautious not to advertise it with a maximum mA level, but rather in terms of voltage and load. However, the voltage divided by the load will yield the mA level (example 240v / 3k ohm load = 80mA).

       According to OSHA, currents between 50 and 150mA can cause extreme pain, respiratory arrest, severe muscle contractions, individual cannot let go, and death is possible. Before buying from another company, verify the maximum output does not put your workers in jeopardy according to OSHA standards. Our LDL verifiers have a maximum current of less than 5 mA for both models, LDL1100 and LDL1200. Please download our technical manual and read about electrical shock and our patented LDL specifications.

Portable Ground Detection Equipment, Electrical Safety Devices, and Power Supplies

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